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Baba's Samaadhi
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Meher Baba Magazines

Beloved Baba

An english Monthly dedicated in the service of Avatar Meher Baba to disseminate His Message of Love & Truth.

Price in India:
Annual Subscription: Rs. 100.00
Life Subscription: Rs. 2000.00

Price in US:
Annual Subscription: $10.00
Life Subscription: $100.00
Published by:
M. Mallikarjuna Rao,
H. No. 45-183/1, Street no.3,
Shiridi Nagar, Moulali(I.E.Post),
Hyderabad-500 040.
Tel: 040-27240679.

Meher Baba (Telugu)

The Koti Meher Center, Esamia Bazar, Hyderabad publish this journal monthly. Its primary purpose is to spread Baba's word among all his Andhra lovers who can speak and read Telugu only.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 100.00
Life Subscription: Rs. 1000.00

Published by:
Malladi Krishnanand
Godavari Gardens, Plot No.32,
J.J.Nagar Colony, Yapral,
Secunderabad - 500087.
Tel:99595 53218.

Glow International (English)

A quarterly journal devoted to Meher Baba published by Beloved Archives, Inc. since Feb. 1966. Beloved Archives is a tax-exempt corporation & holds one of the largest and rarest collection of Meher Baba archival material in the world.

Donation Options (tax-exempt):
$30: 4 issues
$50: 8 issues
$100: 8 issues + Silent Teachings (Free)
$500: 8 issues + Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, Presence by Naosherwan Anzar & film Beloved Friend:The Life of Meher Baba (Free)
$1000: 8 issues + Above gifts + Film: A Day with Meher Baba in NY, 1956

Price in India:
Rs. 250/-: 4 issues

For correspondence in India:
Glow International, Meher Nazar,
4, Parkland Apartments,
13/1 Eagle Street, Langford Town,
Bangalore-560 025 (Kar.) India.
Hyderabad - 500082
For correspondence in USA:
Beloved Archives, Inc. PO Box 10,
New York, NY, 10185.

Love Street Breezes (English)

This journal is published quarterly. Its primary purpose is to contribute to a sense of community among all His lovers by providing a place for sharing His remembrance.

Details of Subscription:
Subscription is by donation. It costs $25 per person per year but if you can't afford that, then send what you can. Also, if you care to donate more, it will be very gratefully received to cover for those who can't donate. For overseas, the requested amount is US $35. But we can also read it online on website:

For correspondence:
Love Street Press
Dina Gibson
8906 David Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90034-2006 USA.
Tel: 310-837 6419

Meher Pukar (Hindi)

Monthly Hindi journal on Meher Baba being published since 1954.

Price in India:
Annual Subscription: Rs. 70.00
Life Subscription: Rs. 650.00

Published by:
Meher Pukar Press Trust,
Gwaltoli, Hamirpur- 210 301 (U.P.)
Tel: 323-731-3737

Avatar Meher (Telugu)

Monthly Telugu journal on Meher Baba being published since 1954.

Price in India:
Annual Subscription: Rs. 125.00
8 Year Subscription: Rs. 1000.00
16 Year Subscription: Rs. 2000.00

Published by:
M.V.R.K. Balaji
On Behalf of Avatar Meher Baba Andhra Centre,
16-8-240/7, Malakpet, Hyderabad - 500 024
Tel: +91 40 24566516
Tel: +91 9849090417