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Baba's Samaadhi
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Mastery in Servitude

Literature by Meher Baba

God Speaks
Listen, Humanity
The Everything And The Nothing

In God’s Hand

Literature by Meher Baba Lovers

Lord Meher Bhau Kalchuri
The Beloved, The Life And Work Of Meher Baba Naosherwan Anzar
Glimpses Of The God-Man, Meher Baba Bal Natu
The Wayfarers William Donkin
Meher Baba, The Awakener Charles Haynes
The God-Man Charles Purdom
Practical Spirituality John Grant
Avatar Jean Adriel
In Quest Of Truth Irene Conybeare
Meher Baba And The Meherashram Institute Kaikhushru Jamshedi 
Avatar Meher Baba Bibliograpy Bal Natu
Messages Of Meher Baba Adi K. Irani
Gems From The Discourses Of Meher Baba
Life At Its Best
Beams From Meher Baba On The Spiritual Panorama
Sparks Of The Truth  C.D. Deshmukh
Sparks From Meher Baba Kitty Davy And Delia De Leon
Letters From The Mandali Of Avatar Meher Baba Jim Mistry
The God-Man C.B. Purdom 
Much Silence Tom And Dorothy Hopkinson
Stay With God Francis Brabazon
The East-West Gathering Francis Brabazon 
In Dust I Sing Francis Brabazon 
Journey With God Francis Brabazon 
The Word At World’S End Francis Brabazon 
Meher Sarod Bhau Kalchuri 
Meher Roshani Bhau Kalchuri 
Let’S Go To Meherabad Bhau Kalchuri 
Love Personified: Photographs Of Avatar Meher Baba Lawrence Reiter 
The Turtle'S Darshan Bob Brown 
Nursery Rhymes In Meher’s Time Meheru Irani
Merwan, Stories Of Baba For Children Anne Giles
Four And Twenty Blackbirds Francis Brabazon